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Written and directed by Lori Stoll

Starring Clea DuVall  Based on a True Story



A photographer chases adventure from Los Angeles to the Canadian Arctic and for the first time finds herself on the line between life and death.


Julia (Clea DuVall) meets expedition leader Jack, (Timothy V. Murphy) who convinces her to join a photographic journey to the frozen tundra. Despite growing tension with her husband Ed (Toby Huss), Julia goes.  Her trip evolves into a life threatening disaster. Ill equipped, she is abandoned.  Darkness Falls…


Julia is rescued by an eleven-year old orphaned Inuit girl, Malaya (Katie May- Dunford) and taken to a small Inuit community. Julia stuck for days, discovers the dark underbelly of Malaya’s world. She is troubled by her inability to rescue Malaya from a childhood that closely resembles her own, and decides to save this girl.


The expansive north is replaced by the crowded south, Malaya alone, unwanted by Julia’s husband and overwhelmed by the coldness of Los Angeles concrete, attempts to return to the Canadian Arctic, forcing Julia to make a decision that leaves us wondering, who really saved whom.





Lori Stoll and Malaya Qaunarq-Chapman

 Screenwriter, Director, Photographer


     Lori Stoll is a photographer and writer / director, known for her

emotional imagery. She has completed her feature film debut, “Heaven’s Floor”.

     Lori attended Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, from 1982 - 1984 and quickly became a sought-after celebrity / advertising photographer. Her photographs of popular  icons; Al Pacino, Anthony Hopkins, Ray Charles, Michael Jackson and MC Hammer were ubiquitous at the pinnacle of their careers. Her assignments in national publications have included, Time, Newsweek, Reader’s Digest, Redbook, Life, Entertainment Weekly, Playboy, People and Rolling Stone, and much of her work is syndicated worldwide. Her evocative images were included in Time Life’s photography exhibit, “In Praise of Women Photographers and Photographers who Happen to be Women 1899-“ alongside Dorothea Lange, Mary Ellen Mark and Annie Leibovitz”. Stoll was also honored with her first one-woman show in Los Angeles. After shooting more than seventy album packages and celebrity advertising campaigns for the likes of Target, Dr Pepper, and Best Buy, she became interested other forms of expression and started writing as a means to direct feature films. “I believe everyone has a great story,” Stoll says, “and when my crazy life landed me in an emergency shelter, during a midnight blizzard in the wilds of Baffin Island,  I photographed an Inuit child. Love at first sight”.

In 2014 she wrote and directed her first feature, “Heaven’s Floor,”

 inspired by this young girl, who later became her adopted daughter.

    Lori Stoll lives in Toluca Lake, California with her husband Steve.

They have two children, Zachary 19, and Malaya 27.

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